Culoare şi strălucire subacvatică la show-ul Versace

Ieri, în cadrul Milan Fashion Week, a avut loc lansarea noii colecţii Versace, pentru primăvară-vară 2021, intitulată „La Medusa”. Donatella Versace şi-a prezentat noile propuneri vestimentare într-un cadru care duce cu gândul la ocean.

Colecţia “La Medusa”, inspirată de viaţa maritimă, duce cu gândul la culorilor puternice ale coralilor, peştilor şi ale scoicilor de pe fundul oceanului.

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The journey to Versacepolis: Medusa was once the most beautiful woman in Athens. Her charms did not go unnoticed by Athena however, who scolded and banished Medusa in a jealous rage. The charismatic Gorgon now dwells in Versacepolis – a utopian settlement created on the seabed and populated by strong and confident men and women. She reigns there with courage and strength. Over eighty percent of the ocean is completely unmapped and unexplored. A far greater percentage of the moon’s surfaces have been studied and recorded than the ocean floor has. The deep blue waters remain a mystery. Today, Donatella Versace transports us underwater to Versacepolis to unveil the Spring-Summer 2021 Collection. As the world resiliently adapts to the new normal, this sub-surface show setting is an opportunity for the Versace community to indulge in a little fantasy and dive headfirst into a dreamscape. Is dreaming escapism? Is it ignoring the truth of our current reality? Perhaps the dream is fictional, but the process of dreaming is both human and undeniably real. Versacepolis is where mythology meets the reality of the unknown. The water can be rough, but it can also cleanse, soothe and refresh. “I wanted to create something disruptive, something that could be in tune with what has changed inside all of us. To me that meant dreaming of a new world. A world made of popping colors and fantastic creatures and a world in which we can all coexist peacefully. This collection has an upbeat soul and is optimistic, dreamy, positive… These are clothes that bring you joy.” – Donatella Versace This whole collection is disruptive in its vibrancy. The color palette is exuberant. The prints are zesty and bold. There’s skin on show in an ode to signature Versace sensuality. The nature, athleticism, seduction and fantasy combine in a melting pot of life’s joys. At the center of this collection is an empowered attitude that looks to the future with optimism and hope. All members of the audience are Versace employees that have undergone a Covid-19 test producing a negative result. Find out more here:

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Aceasta este o continuare a poveştii începute acum două săptămâni, prin lansarea noilor parfumuri ale brand-ului, Versace Dylan Turquoise şi Versace Dylan Blue. Imaginile celor două parfumuri fiind Hailey Bieber şi Bella Hadid.  


Gianni Versace S.p.A., casa de modă cunoscută sub numele scurt de Versace, este un brand de vestimentație haute couture și prêt-à-porter, înființat de către Gianni Versace, în 1978. Primul magazin Versace a fost deschis în Milano și a devenit imediat foarte popular.

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Text: Bettina Cristea

septembrie 28th, 2020 by Cristea Bettina

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